Photoshop tutor

What is covered in my Photoshop tuition sessions:

All sessions are specifically tailored to each student’s needs however the below are the fundamental topics that are covered.

  • We will start with explaining the interface, its tools, what they do and how to use them
  • We will look at basic adjustments and ways to enhance your photographs
  • We will look at fundamental techniques like selections, masking, cloning and other fun ways to realistically manipulate your photographs
  • You will receive tuition tailored to your skill level
  • You can work using your own imagery
  • You can practice specific techniques on supplied professionally photographed images

The Adobe CC has more programs that speak to each other to make your workflow efficient.  I can teach you how to use programs like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Bridge, these programs help manage those many digital images that you shoot.  After you have done a shoot you need to edit and select those shots that are the best, these programs make this really easy.  They also can make some adjustments and ready your image for heavier manipulations, then we head to Photoshop.

How do the sessions work?

There are two ways I can tutor you and both work equally as well as each other depending upon your preference and location. If you are in Melbourne and prefer to have face-to-face tuition I can visit you at your home or workplace. If you are interstate or prefer to do your tuition via screen sharing this is also an effective option.

Face-to-face $100 per hour (2 hr minimum)
Online screen sharing $100 per hour.

Bitcoin is also accepted as payment (inquire about this)

Face to face Melbourne wide

Upon our first meeting, you will feel relaxed and discover that Photoshop doesn’t need to be so confusing. We will discuss what you wish to learn and I will gauge your level of understanding of Photoshop so we can then move forward with the most relevant information tailored for you.

Online screen sharing Australia wide.

Using a free application called Zoom, you will host a meeting and invite me. This will allow us to speak to each other and allow me to control your computer, it will be like I am there with you. During your session I will do a demonstration of a technique on your computer showing you how to do something then you can go ahead and give it a try, all the time I see exactly what you do on my screen. Setting it up is simple and takes a few minutes. If there are any technical problems there is always an easy solution. The set up isn’t included in your session time. Sessions are booked in for an hour and cost $100. Allow 90 minutes as we often go over time.  If you live in Melbourne and would prefer me to come to you the fee is $100 per hour.

Why private tuition is so much more effective.

Private Photoshop tuition is the most effective way to understand the program.  I’ve taught Photoshop in classrooms and online since 2008 and have a very good understanding of the difficulties that some students face when studying in a large group environment.  A private Photoshop tutor will place you in a relaxed and encouraging environment where you can go at your own pace and ask as many questions as you need to.  Depending upon your requirements I can start and the very beginning and introduce you to all the Photoshop tools, how to import your images and how to export and save them.  if you are further along we can then move along towards using layers, adjustments and retouching.  We can then move forward and learn about the workflows the professionals use and discover the advantages of non-destructive editing.  If you are currently doing a course that involves Photoshop you can bring your assignments with you and I can help you better understand what you are required to do.  By receiving private Photoshop tuition you will be returning to your classes with a far better understanding and increased confidence. If you are really interested in photography and need to understand how you can adjust your images to improve them, I can certainly help you.  If you are more interested in heaver retouching like creating montaged images then I can also help you.  I have loads of fun tutorials that will demonstrate how to use Photoshop that you can relate to your own work.  You can bring your own imagery to work on as well as use the professionally shot imagery that I have taken. You can call and speak to me directly for support

Some things I can cover with you:

  • Explaining the interface
  • Workspace customisation
  • Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and converting files
  • Selections
  • Layers
  • Layer Masking
  • How to make your retouching absolutely seamless
  • Writing actions and running batches
  • Deep etching
  • Cloning and healing
  • Dodging and burning
  • Using Text
  • Airbrushing

I have developed many dynamic Photoshop tutorials where you can put into practice techniques that will explain many different functionalities that Photoshop can offer.

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