Are you in search of Photoshop courses in Melbourne? Delve into the world of Photoshop through personalized one-on-one tuition. Experience hands-on learning on your computer with your own images, focusing on what matters most to you. Whether you prefer learning in the comfort of your home or office, or if you’re a bit further out of town, you’re welcome to visit my home studio. Let’s embark on your Photoshop journey and unlock your creativity together.

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Meet David Ewing, your personal Photoshop tutor, dedicated to demystifying the program quickly and efficiently. Discover how swiftly you can grasp the art of retouching your photographs under personalized guidance. Skip the hassle of enrolling in a Photoshop course; instead, let me tailor sessions precisely to your needs and desires. Whether you’re in Melbourne, I can come to your home or office, ensuring convenience and comfort. With a background as a professional photographer, I bring a wealth of experience to the table, introducing you to techniques spanning both photography and Photoshop. Many of my students, whether university scholars or lifelong photography enthusiasts, have found solace in personalized guidance. In a classroom or online environment, something is always lacking compared to having a mentor by your side, adapting to your pace. My Photography and Photoshop tuition are fully customizable to suit your needs, whether you’re a beginner, studying a related course, or seeking professional development. Let’s expand your knowledge base and unleash your creativity and technical prowess together. Explore more about my tailored Photoshop tuition sessions here Photoshop tuition sessions.

About Me:

With a rich background in education and photography, I specialize in working with diverse student groups, including mature-aged students, individuals with Autism, Asperger syndrome, and special needs. Holding essential qualifications such as a current working with children police check, Cert 4 in Education and Training, and Learning Literacy and Numeracy Qualifications (LLN), I am equipped to provide inclusive and supportive learning experiences.

My journey in the arts began with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in photography, where I honed my skills and creativity. Over the years, my dedication has been recognized through numerous national and international awards, highlighting my commitment to excellence in the field. With two decades of photography experience both in Australia and across the globe, I bring a wealth of practical knowledge and insights to my teaching.

As a contributor to Getty Images, I have had the privilege of showcasing my work on a global platform, further solidifying my reputation as a professional in the industry. Since 2008, I have been sharing my expertise as a Photoshop tutor, finding immense fulfillment in conducting personalized one-on-one sessions. I firmly believe in the effectiveness of individualized learning, tailored to each student’s unique needs and aspirations.

For more information about my background and approach, please visit the About Me page. Additionally, I am pleased to offer the convenience of accepting Bitcoin as payment—feel free to inquire about this option and how it works.

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