Free Photoshop blog

In this Free Photoshop blog I’m going to talk about different Photoshop techniques you can use to retouch and enhance your imagery.  This will be a great resource for you to revise your private Photoshop tuition as well as to pick up some new tips and tricks.  If you are studying a photography course and need some personalised attention, have a look at some posts as they will be relevant to you.  My posts are aimed towards photographers with an intermediate level of photographic technical skills who would like to further enhance their imagery with Photoshop. When you visit me for private tuition or book in a session via screen sharing, I will cover these techniques in more detail and will give you more confidence using Photoshop.

My Free Photoshop blog is a perfect companion to anyone studying a photography and Photoshop course. My Free Photoshop blog will be an exciting resource to browse if you are considering studying any graphic media so you can see the possibilities that you can achieve using Photoshop.  It will also really help influence the way you shoot because having a strong understanding of retouching will help direct you in how you capture an image.

Tuition is customised to each student, I tutor magazine publishers, commercial photographers, photography teachers, beginners that have never used photoshop, people in remote areas, students studying graphic design.  All students have different skills and different requirements so I adjust the lessons to suit their needs.  You can use your own imagery or I can supply you with images to practice different techniques.  All new students arrange second and third sessions, they are truly satisfied and excited to find how quickly they learn with personalised tuition.

If you have any questions about any of the Photoshop techniques that I cover in my blog feel free to ask through the comments section at the bottom of each post or contact me.